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  I’d like to start by telling you a little about my background as a painter.  I started painting houses full-time way back in the 1970’s. Over the years I have painted several hundred houses, as well as churches, schools, and commercial buildings – inside and out.  I have always made customer satisfaction my highest priority.  I have found that making money comes naturally when your first priority is to make customers happy.  Well, that and always standing behind your work.


I can provide plenty of referrals, plus I have earned an elite status on national sites like Home Advisor, where I have many five-star reviews.  I have not earned those stars by painting easy to do, small one-story homes, but by also painting stately mansions and brand new custom homes, doing both the interiors and exteriors.  (A quick note about Home Advisor: They advertise that they are a free service, but when folks like you put a job on there they typically sell your phone number to three to six contractors for somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 each.  And they charge that amount, even if you the customer never answers the phone when they call.)


I paint both brand new and older homes.  For repaints, I have adopted the motto, “Prep! Prep! Prep!”  Why?  Because the part of a job that many lower quality contractors skimp on is the preparation, even though that’s the most important part of the job.  Before painting, we typically pressure wash, scrape thoroughly, sand if needed, prime with high-grip Peel Bond type primers, and remove and replace any failed or missing caulking.  I don’t use cheap, low grade paints.  I routinely use top-of-the-line name brand paints like Behr Ultra Premium Plus and Marquis; and high grade Sherwin Williams paints like Duration and SuperPaint. 


In short, we do things right.  I am licensed, bonded, and insured.  My employees are all covered by workers compensation.  And we don’t spill paint or overspray or leave messes for you to clean up when we’re done.


Finally, I work in the Portland metropolitan area and also cover most of Central Oregon.  I live in Redmond, but keep an apartment in the Portland area because I am over there usually once or twice a week.


Again, thanks for visiting this site.  I would be happy to bid any paint job you might have.  Estimates are free and when I make an appointment, I show up. 




Bill Sizemore


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