Exterior & Interior Painting Experts

Bill Sizemore Painting has tons of experience. We started painting residential and commercial projects way back in 1971. Since that time, we have taken on countless interior and exterior residential jobs, in addition to schools, churches, strip malls, retail stores, beauty salons, and even gas stations and convenience stores.

We know how to get in there, do all of the necessary prep, including dry rot repair and siding replacement where needed, and apply the paint and get out of the way with minimal interruption to homeowners, customers, and employees. We are experts in color selection, and if desired, include help with that phase of the project for free with every job.

If your structure was built prior to 1978, the odds are high that it has lead based paint, which by law requires special treatment. Bill Sizemore Painting is a licensed lead paint renovator. We know the steps necessary to prepare and paint a lead-based paint project without endangering the environment, including kids and pets.

Whether your project is an interior/exterior residence or a large apartment complex in the Portland metropolitan area or in Central Oregon, we would be happy to give you a free estimate and make sure your job is done right, and by a company that stands behind it’s work. Call or text us at 541-892-8050.

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